DAF clarifiers

Krofta offers a broad range of time-tested DAF solutions. With over 50 years of experience pioneering, perfecting and installing DAF equipment at more than 3,000 plants worldwide, we’re able to provide proven wastewater solutions and superior customer service so you can focus on what matters most: production.

Supracell DAF

Ideally suited for wastewater streams with varying characteristics, the Krofta Supracell offers higher clarification, thicker sludge consistency and low retention. The circular design helps maximize limited space at plants in a number of industries including food and beverage, pulp and paper, wineries and distilleries, and municipal wastewater.

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Multifloat DAF

Engineered with a rectangular footprint, the Krofta Multifloat provides superior DAF technology while making the most of limited floor space. The completely stainless steel, rectangular units are offered in 20 standard sizes from 50 – 1,500 GPM capacities.

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Sometimes there just isn’t space for three pieces of equipment. That’s why Krofta offers the Sandfloat DAF solution. Offering flocculation, flotation and filtration in one complete system, the Krofta Sandfloat provides ultimate efficiencies while capitalizing on limited plant space. This integrated solution gives plants the advantage of maintaining rigorous production demands while streamlining operations and saving on costs.

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Air Dissolving Tube

Key to all Krofta DAF systems is the Krofta Air Dissolving Tube (ADT ). By eliminating the need for large volumes of air and water used by typical pressure components, the ADT uses air dispersion technology and centrifugal force for more efficient saturation. In operation at thousands of installations worldwide, the Krofta ADT is a central component to all Krofta DAF solutions and can be retrofitted with any existing DAF system.

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DAF rental

The DAF rental program lets you to keep up with production during long-term repairs, increased production and purchasing decisions. Our rental DAF systems can help reduce downtime, save on costs and maintain operations with fast installation, in-depth training and responsive, local service and support.

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Spray Filter

The Krofta Spray Filter produces high-quality separation in numerous operations and industrial mills including de-inking plants, board mills and fine paper and tissue mills.

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Sludge Blanket

The Krofta range of DAF clarifiers can be equipped with an automatic Sludge Blanket Controller (SBC). The controller allows automatic sludge blanket monitoring and adjusting of removal rates in order to maintain optimum blanket thickness. As the scoop speed is no longer an operator variable, it never runs too fast picking up excess water nor too slow producing excessive blanket thickness. This yields an increased average sludge consistency and overall improvement in clarified water quality.

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pH / EQ

Proper pH balance and equalization system sizing can significantly improve your wastewater treatment program and help keep you in compliance, avoiding POTW surcharges. Our specialists will audit your treatment process, identify problems and optimize process efficiency with pH adjustment and equalization sizing for consistent, controlled flow.

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After Sales

Krofta DAFs are renowned for trouble-free running year in, year out. Over time and while focusing on manufacturing, customers may find that the Krofta DAF needs attention. Whether it is spare parts services or training new personnel years after the sale, Krofta is ready to respond as needed. With thousands of customers and installed units, our one-stop point of service makes support simple.

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