Air Dissolving Tube

Key to all Krofta DAF systems is the Krofta Air Dissolving Tube (ADT ). By eliminating the need for large volumes of air and water used by typical pressure components, the ADT uses air dispersion technology and centrifugal force for more efficient saturation. In operation at thousands of installations worldwide, the Krofta ADT is a central component to all Krofta DAF solutions and can be retrofitted with any existing DAF system.

Faster air dissolution, Lower retention time

One of the essential features of the ADT is dissolving air into the water faster than other systems. The unique, proprietary design of the ADT results in lower retention time of only 8 to 12 seconds. The flow pattern additionally creates a vortex, which eliminates undissolved air, creating better overall performance.

Features & benefits
(compared to pressure vessels)

  • Reduced air consumption
  • Better performance
  • Lower retention time
  • Less water consumption
  • Generates 10-70 micron bubbles for maximum solids flotation efficiency

Reduced maintenance, Increased performance

Designed for optimum performance, the ADT provides numerous mechanical features that offer lower maintenance and higher efficiency. From meeting different recycle requirements of varying waste streams to eliminating excess
air in the tube, the ADT system can generate 10 – 70 micron bubbles well suited for DAF operation.

Design advantages
(compared to pressure vessels)

  • Lower maintenance
  • Adaptable for varying waste streams
  • Globe valve for pressure release
  • More retrofitting options
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