Spray Filter Fractioning Screen

The Krofta Spray Filter produces high-quality separation in numerous operations and industrial mills including de-inking plants, board mills and fine paper and tissue mills.

Efficiency & Protection

Fibers present in wastewater can cause clogging of equipment or increase sludge volume. In some industries, recovering fibers for reuse in the production process reduces cost of raw materials. Designed for high throughput units, the Krofta Spray Filter can handle wide variations of solid content, and is ideally suited for fiber fractionation, felt hair recovery, shower nozzle protection, and effluent polishing before or after a dissolved air flotation clarifier.

Features & Benefits

  • Fiber recovery
  • Equipment protection
  • Sludge control
  • Water  reuse
  • Simple operation with few moving parts and low rpm
  • Self-cleaning components
  • Open, non-clogging cleaning shower nozzles
  • Cost-effective, dependable filter screens
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