Energy services

Dissolved air flotation units manufactured by Krofta, a business unit of Waterleau, regularly find roles in the energy or oil and gas market segments. These are both in upstream and downstream applications.

Krofta DAF in the energy + oil & gas industry

Water - oil separation

In association with field operations, Krofta DAFs can be used effectively for the separation of oily water streams after primary oil separation. This would include both produced water and frac water applications. Krofta DAFs have been able to achieve low levels of turbidity in the range of 4 to 6 NTU in polishing aqueous streams after primary oil/water separation. DAFs have shown to be a very effective method of separation when compared to other separation technologies including ballast clarifier and electro-coagulation devices. DAFs are more forgiving than some other devices in cases where solids, residual oils, bacteria and dissolved metal concentrations vary over a wide range.

Pretreatment of refinery effluent

Krofta DAFs are also employed in downstream applications as a method of thickening solids from an IGF unit or in replacing the unit entirely. DAFs can be used as pretreatment to biological treatment of effluents from refineries as well as petrochemical plants for the reduction of solids, free oils and colloidal oils. DAFs are also effective as final solids reduction devices downstream of aerobic processes.

Dissolved air flotation units when coupled with appropriate metal scavengers can be effective in the reduction of targeted metal in refinery waste streams.

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