Krofta DAF wastewater treatment for the brewery and soft drink industry

Brewery industry

The world beverage market is large and continues to grow and broaden. The beer and fermented beverage industry has been evolving with smaller breweries and micro-brewing of specialty handcrafted beers and ales. While much of the effluent treatment usually involves biological processes due to the higher fraction of soluble BOD/COD, DAFs are widely incorporated into the total plant effluent treatment process.

Soft drink industry

With soft drinks, there is also a greater use of biological solutions due to the higher soluble percentages of BOD and COD in the effluent to be treated. DAFs continue to be employed as a clarifier downstream of high rate biological processes. In a number of cases, a Krofta DAF is used as the final solids reduction step after anaerobic treatment with aerobic polishing. Many soft drink production plants are beginning to see new regulations for reducing phosphates. Krofta DAFs as previously mentioned have been successfully in that role.

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