Protein / meat

For treatment of kill plant effluent for beef, pork and poultry plants, DAFs manufactured by Krofta, now a part of Waterleau, provide advantages over clarifiers and DAFs manufactured by other suppliers.

Krofta DAF wastewater treatment for beef, pork and poultry plants

Multiple DAF configuartions

Krofta manufactures DAFs in different configurations. Often two DAFs are used in series; the first DAF without chemistry for re-use of FOGs, followed by the second DAF with chemistry for the highest water quality to downstream stages.

Reduction of FOG, TSS, and insoluble BOD/COD

As with the dairy applications, DAF’s can be used as a standalone solution or ahead of and behind biological processes for FOG, TSS, and insoluble BOD/COD reduction.

Krofta DAFs can be used to reduce solids in hide processing if in the case of a beef kill plant, beef hides are processed near or adjacent to the kill plant. What is becoming a more challenging situation with hide processing is what to do with the high concentration brines that are used by some processors. A DAF can be used to removal the TSS levels, allowing the brine to reused in some processes. This can reduce or eliminate the need for using disposal wells or trucking of the brine off-site.

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