Seed oil

DAFs have been shown to be very effective in reducing residual oils from effluent streams of both corn and soybean oil plants.

Krofta DAF wastewater treatment for corn and soybean oil plants

The capture of the oils before discharge can reduce surcharges and the captured oils can be sold to renderers to reduce overall operating costs of the seed oil plants.

Oil reduction

In the case of corn oil processors, DAFs have been used in a number of different roles for simple FOG reduction of a single stream to oil reduction of complex anaerobic treatment where the corn oil processor is making a wide range of products starting with harvested corn. DAFs can be used to capture treated water for reuse in cooling towers coupled with other technologies. DAFs can also be added as a final treatment step for reduction of total phosphorus. This has been a growing application in specific areas of the US as well as Canada.

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