Primary metals

With the growth of rolled steel, steel pipe as well as the enhanced use of aluminum parts in a multitude of uses in automotive, many manufacturing plants are looking at ways to reduce effluent surcharges and effluent hauling costs/disposal costs of oily wastewaters.

Krofta DAF wastewater treatment in the primary metals industry

Oil reduction

Overall the last 10 years, Krofta has been able to demonstrate to clients the use of DAFs for removing oils from wastewater to allow either the treated effluents to be discharged to on-site treatment plants or discharged to nearby POTW and have substantial reduced total oil volumes for a substantial reduction in hauling costs. In some cases the treated water phase can be reused as a first rinse or used somewhere else in the process.

Lab treatability studies

Many of the solutions that may incorporate a Krofta DAF are very unique and no two applications are ever exactly the same. To validate if a DAF can be an appropriate solution, it may be in the client’s best interest to engage Krofta in first doing lab treatability studies followed by either a full flow DAF trial or side stream trial if treating the whole stream does not have an immediate high rate of return.

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