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Fiber fractionation

Fiber fractionation is a commonly used term for the segregation of fibers of a certain length for capture and reuse in the papermaking process. Usually it is the longer fibers that have a higher value and are the segment that paper makers are trying to maximize capture in whitewater streams.

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Fiber recovery

As mills are pushed to improve profitability, one path that is frequently being explored is trying to recover paper or wood fiber. This is becoming a more common question from mill operators.

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Shower nozzle protection

There is an increasing interest in the paper making markets for reuse of the elevated water temperatures of whitewater effluents. This is especially true on the more northern paper plant locals where inlet water temperature can approach freezing during winter months of operations.

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Raw water clarification

Raw water clarification has been a very traditional process step before filtration for both process and boiler feedwater applications. This applies to both river water sources/surface water sources in general as well as ground water sources.

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White water clarification

Krofta DAFs have been used for the past forty years as a save-all for whitewater clarification. These applications have been as a standalone device or in parallel to other devices used as save-all.

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