Fiber fractionation

Fiber fractionation is a commonly used term for the segregation of fibers of a certain length for capture and reuse in the papermaking process. Usually it is the longer fibers that have a higher value and are the segment that paper makers are trying to maximize capture in whitewater streams.

Krofta DAF fiber segregation for the pulp & paper industry

A combination of two Krofta technologies has proven to be an effective solution to fiber fractionation.

Krofta Spray filter + Krofta DAF

A Krofta Spray Filter is a scalping device that uses mesh screens of a specific mesh opening size to capture fibers of a specific length. Fibers shorter than the selected mesh size will pass through the Spray Filter. These waste fibers can be pumped to a Krofta DAF for further separation of the non-desired fibers/TSS and the more valuable water for reuse on the paper machine. The longer fibers that are trapped by the Spray Filter screen can be pumped back to the paper making process for reuse.

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