Fiber recovery

As mills are pushed to improve profitability, one path that is frequently being explored is trying to recover paper or wood fiber. This is becoming a more common question from mill operators.

Krofta DAF fiber recovery for the pulp & paper industry

Fiber recovery is increasingly common in paper making as well as related operations such as ceiling tiles, etc that use wood fiber, with recycled paper used as a raw material in the manufacture of a company’s products.

Krofta Supracell DAF

Krofta DAFs, especially the Supracell, were invented for the purposes of fiber recovery. The circular Krofta DAF while often copied but never quite duplicated is probably the most often seen DAF in paper mills for fiber recovery. While the design is more than 30 years old, it is still one of the most efficient and effective designs. Many mill operators still consistently refer to their DAFs as Krofta’s even some that are not manufactured by Krofta.

DAFs manufactured by Krofta can be used either on the clear or cloudy legs of a papermakers process. This can apply to virgin fiber or more importantly in recycle fiber plants. Krofta DAFs have seen a marked increase in use in recycle plants.

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