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KROFTA Packaged solutions is a range of mobile, packaged units that are offered as a rental or available for sale. These packaged units allow our customers to upgrade the capacity of their wastewater treatment plant, to reduce their operational costs significantly and to optimize their water or energy footprint and KPI’s. Available as a rental solution, these KROFTA packaged units allow to do so, as a CAPEX free solution.

The following KROFTA Packaged Solutions are available:

KROFTA Packaged DAF Treatment

The KROFTA Packaged DAF Treatment is capable of treating a flowrate of up to 85 m3/h or around 200 kg TSS/hour. Using the containerized DAF system as a pre-treatment to your existing wastewater treatment system, it is able to reduce the load to your existing system up to 90%(*). As such the installation of the DAF can generate savings in operational cost or allow a significant capacity expansion. The KROFTA Packaged DAF Treatment is fully equipped with pre- and post-treatment to ensure suitable pre-treated wastewater can be sent to the downstream existing system. (*) subject to the nature of the wastewater.

KROFTA Packaged Anaerobic Treatment

The KROFTA Packaged Anaerobic Treatment is available in two capacities. The smaller unit is able to receive 1,5 tons of COD/day, the larger unit is able to receive up to 3,0 tons of COD/day. The expected removal efficiency is around 80%. The COD in the wastewater is transformed into biogas (typically 0,35 Nm3/kg of COD) which can be further cleaned with the KROFTA Pakcaged Biogas Cleaning system.

The modular unit can be used to increase the capacity of an existing plant as it allows to significantly increase the organic loading to the existing system. Alternatively, it can reduce the operational costs of an existing aerobic treatment plant, by putting this system as a pre-treatment and lowering the energy consumption and sludge production of the existing system while producing biogas all along.

KROFTA Packaged Membrane Extraction

The KROFTA Packaged Membrane Extraction is a submerged membrane system able to treat up to 750 m3 per day. The unit can be installed as an add on to an existing aerobic system, where it will allow increasing the organic loading rate up to 3 times as it will enable to increase the sludge concentration from typically 4 g/l to 12 g/l.

Alternatively, it can be used as in combination with existing MBR systems to further increase the hydraulic load to the system or in combination with a Packaged DAF treatment or Packaged Anaerobic Treatment as a pre-treatment to accommodate both organic and hydraulic expansion of an existing wastewater treatment plant.

KROFTA Packaged Water Recovery 

The KROFTA Packaged Water Recovery plant contains a modular UF and RO unit and allows upgrading your wastewater treatment plant with a water recovery step. The recovered water flowrate amounts up to 750 m3/day and can be used as boiler feedwater or even as potable water. The unit is available under a rental scheme which enables our customers to meet there water footprint KPI’s in a CAPEX free manner.

KROFTA Packaged Biogas Scrubber

The KROFTA Packaged Biogas Scrubber working mechanism is simple but robust: the biogas or extraction gas, rich in H2S is cleaned by scrubbing it with a washing medium that is put in contact with the gas to be treated. The contact surface between gas and liquid is maximized by using a special packing material. Inside KROFTA Packaged Biogas Scrubber, the H2S transfer from the gas to the washing liquid takes place. The scrubber liquid can either be activated sludge in case an aerobic treatment system is available or it can be a dedicated Bio-Flash Aeration Tank in which the washing liquid is continuously regenerated. 

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