Multifloat DAF

Engineered with a rectangular footprint, the Krofta Multifloat provides superior DAF technology while making the most of limited floor space. The use of proprietary U-elements (Flow Enhancement Cells – FECs) enlarging the flotation area, result in an efficient and highly compact DAF system. The unit can be configured horizontally (MFH) or vertically (MFV) to accommodate the available space at any time.



  • Can treat up to 350 m3/h (1500 GPM) in a single unit.
  • Can treat up to 120 m3/h (500 GPM) in a containerized setup, fully automated and equipped with pre- and post treatment.
  • Generate a stable and high sludge concentration due to its patented configuration and compact design.
  • Have a higher TSS removal efficiency than regular DAF systems as a result of it’s patented Flow Enhancement Cells (FECs) which avoids turbulence during the process.
  • Are Smart DAF’s: for more info click here

Standard ranges from 20 to 350 m3/h (80 to 1500 GPM).

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