Sandfloat SBP

The Krofta Sandfloat offers the unique combination of flocculation, flotation and filtration in a single process step. The Sandfloat DAF subnatant is subjected to a filtration step to complete it’s treatment. The Sandfloat is able to produce high quality process water for industry or even water compliant to stringent potable water standards, while starting from any type of turbid water source. Installing a Krofta Sandfloat will save space, time and cost while optimizing production.



  • Can treat up to 3600 m3/h (16,000 GPM) in a single unit.
  • Are able to produce drinking water or high quality process water from any type of turbid water source in a single treatment step
  • Are Smart DAF’s: for more info click here

Standard ranges from 100 to 3600 m3/h (500 to 16,000 GPM).

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