Krofta Technologies has a broad range of experience and capabilities in designing, fabrication management and commissioning of water and wastewater treatment systems. Our proprietary Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) technologies are at the heart of advanced wastewater treatment systems. These include the SUPRACELL (circular) and MULTIFLOAT (rectangular) DAFs, the SANDFLOAT flotation and dual-media filtration system, and other innovative technologies and ancillary equipment. The application of these technologies follows a well-established path incorporating the wealth of experience that is Krofta. Our process begins by developing a complete understanding of the customer’s challenges; through site investigations and laboratory treatability studies we complement our decades of experience for defining the best solution.

Business development works hand in hand with process engineering in developing the basis for equipment and technology selections. The outcome of site visits and field sampling along with laboratory investigations gives Krofta the foundation for developing the correct treatment approach.

Our engineers are skilled in a range of disciplines with the engineering process resulting in detailed general arrangement CAD designs allowing our customer to see and understand how the complete solution fits within their environment. The proposal that results from this process is based on the right approach without compromising performance or reliability for the sake of economics.

Krofta can provide our equipment as an individual piece or as a part of a complete “Turn-Key” package. This can be based on the “Design-Supply” approach where the customer is provided with all components of the complete treatment solution yet chooses to proceed with installation. Krofta can then provide periodic site visits and guidance as the customer’s installation progresses. Upon completion of the installation process, Krofta returns to the site to ensure the equipment is installed correctly and then proceeds to commission the equipment and provide training to the customer’s personnel. Krofta’s solution can also be provided under a “Design-Supply-Build” format where Krofta, working in collaboration with select experienced contractors, provides for the fully installed complete solution.

Our experienced Field Service personnel provide broad-based support at commissioning and training, with follow-up visits made in the months and years ahead to insure our customers have the best guidance and expertise even as their workforce and production activity evolves and changes. Krofta’s office support provides reliable spare parts service as well as equipment and treatment system upgrades as demanded by changing requirements; as our customers grow, we support their environmental and resource needs.

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