After Sales Services

Krofta DAFs are renowned for trouble-free running year in, year out. Over time and while focusing on manufacturing, customers may find that the Krofta DAF needs attention. Whether it is spare parts services, training operators, or replacement of worn key-components, our Krofta experts help you eliminating down-time and improving performance.

Prompt Supply of Components

Krofta understands the importance to ‘be there’ for our customers long after the equipment has been installed. Whether its spare parts services or training new personnel years after the sale, Krofta is ready to respond as needed. With thousands of customers and installed units, our one-stop point of service makes support simple.

  • Spare Parts supplied for Krofta DAFs regardless of the original year of manufacture.
  • Complete inventory of key Air Dissolving Tube parts and other components.
  • Prompt sourcing and supply of the range of components; from pumps to wheels to seals.
  • Convenient Purchase Order or Credit Card ordering.

Longevity in Equipment and Services

Our stainless steel DAFs last for generations. Often this can mean one or more turnovers in our customer’s staff over the many years of service. Krofta can satisfy new training needs with on-site visits.

  • Krofta skilled Field Support personnel at our customers DAF for on-site training of new operators and staff.
  • Replacement manuals and confirm equipment specifications.
  • Track the original fabrication through multiple owners / installations.

Field Service Support

Krofta DAFs are renowned for trouble-free running- year in, year out. Over time and while focusing on manufacturing, our customer can find that their DAF needs attention. Bringing the Krofta DAF back to top performance is our goal.

  • Site visits provide step-by-step review of all process stages related to the DAF.
  • Thorough inspections provide exacting analysis for complete customer understanding of their DAF; its current condition and how it can be improved and optimized.
  • Identifying worn components eliminates down-time, improves performance and allows our customers to be pro-active.
  • Through site sampling followed by analysis at Krofta’s laboratory, we can make sure the chemical conditioning program is optimized for the customer’s wastewater treatment system performance, at the lowest cost.
  • Rebuilding or replacing key components at the site means extending the investment and the lifetime of the DAF.
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