Treatability studies

While Dissolved Air Flotation is a widely applied clarification technology, Krofta recognizes that each water treatment application has unique characteristics.

Each customer believes their plant to be different, even within the same industry. As a part of identifying the correct solution to the water treatment challenge, laboratory evaluations can provide valuable performance information without capital obligation. Krofta has been performing bench-scale treatability studies for over 35 years. Krofta has evolved the laboratory test platform to not only include DAF but the Sandfloat Flotation & Filtration technology as well as the Spray Filter Fractionating Filtration technology. When appropriate, the most cost-effective chemical conditioning program is identified along with removal efficiencies for important wastewater parameters. Our custom-designed laboratory equipment and well-established procedures produce test results which are consistently replicated with Krofta’s full-scale equipment performance. Your path to understanding a complete treatment solution starts with contacting Krofta today.

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