There’s no getting around it. Sometimes equipment breaks down. Sometimes you need an extra system to help meet short-term production needs. Or sometimes you just want an off-balance solution: keep the CAPEX for value creation related to your core activities and spend only a monthly rental fee for your wastewater treatment. In any of these cases you can reach out to us for our Krofta rental program in order to reduce downtime, save on costs, maintain operations in an off-balance setup and with fast installation, local service and support.

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Successful wastewater treatment is more than just a process stage or a clarifier – even with a world-class clarifier like a Krofta DAF. It can involve multiple process stages relying on proper equalization, chemical conditioning, pumps, tanks instrumentation and more.

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Krofta DAFs are renowned for trouble-free running year in, year out. Over time and while focusing on manufacturing, customers may find that the Krofta DAF needs attention. Whether it is spare parts services, training operators, or replacement of worn key-components, our Krofta experts help you eliminating down-time and improving performance.

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Every Krofta DAF is a Smart DAF. It is equipped with a IoT gateway device wich ensures the Krofta DAF becomes part of the IoT and connects the DAF to the Krofta Cockpit® Cloud where data is transformed into information. Information that can be visualized in an comprehensive dashboard, providing real time information anywhere, anytime and on any device to check trending and actual performance vs. KPI’s.

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The Krofta MakeSense Instrumentation Packages ensure an even better online understanding of what’s exactly happening inside the Krofta DAF. 

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