65 years of expertise in liquid-solid separation

Dr. Krofta began to design and manufacture equipment for wastewater treatment for the paper industry. His improvements in hydraulic design resulted in major improvements in DAF technology performances in water clarification, with lower chemicals and energy consumption. The high efficiency of equipment like the Krofta Supracell allowed for high rate of pulp recovery and reuse of process water, reaching the goal of zero discharge for a water demanding industry. Milos Krofta started several branches in the world. His contribution to technological improvement in the use of dissolved air flotation is so significant that the equipment itself is often called "The Krofta".

  • 1912, Milos Krofta born in Ljubljana, Solvenia
  • 1934 Milos Krofta, youngest mechanical engineering graduate in history of Prague Engineering Faculty
  • 1938 Doctorate (PhD) in papermaking technology, obtained in Germany
  • 1938 General Manager of three paper mills in Yugoslavia
  • 1945 After confiscation of the mills by the communists, Milos Krofta fled to Trieste, Italy and creates Krofta Engineering SpA
  • 1951 Establishing headquarters in Lenox NY, USA
  • 1972 High flowrate Dissolved  Air Flotation Supracell is designed and patented
  • 1981 Design and patenting of Sandfloat 
  • 1989 Krofta reaches 1,000 DAF installations worldwide
  • 1995 Krofta reaches2,000 DAF installations worldwide
  • 1998 Krofta reaches 3,000 DAF installations worldwide
  • 1989 2nd Generation of Sandfloat invented.
  • 1990 - 2000      
    - 3rd Generation of Sandfloat invented and patented.
    - New research into DAF designs and performance.
  • 2002               
    - Krofta Technologies locates to Dalton, MA.
    - Dr. Krofta passes.
  • 2003 Krofta expands DAF designs with the Multifloat.

  • 2005 Ecovation aquires Krofta.

  • 2008 Ecolab aquires Krofta.

  • 2015 Waterleau aquires Krofta.

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