Krofta Supplies Sedifloat sludge thickening DAF units @ Kenitra


Krofta Supplies 2 Sedifloat (SDF-47) sludge thickening DAF units for the thickening of secondary sludge at the municipal wastewater treatment for Kenitra, Morocco.

The municipal wastewater treatment plant of Kenitra, Morocco has been designed and built by Waterleau. The plant is treating the wastewater of 70.000 PE. For the thickening of secondary sludge prior to anaerobic digestion, Waterleau selected 2 Krofta Sedifloat (SDF-47) #DAF units.

Did you know that the Krofta Sedifloat - compared to conventional thickening methods - produces a higher sludge concentration which results in a longer residence time in the digestors and a higher #biogas yield? Interested to increase the yield in your digestors?

Reach out to us for a Krofta Sedifloat design and quotation. ��

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