Sludge Thickening

Krofta DAFs have been used across many industrial and municipal water and wastewater applications.

Reduction of total O&G or high solids

In the case of a smaller POTW where there is a large industrial plant discharging to the POTW, a Krofta DAF has been added at the head works of the POTW as a pretreatment step to easily reduce total O&G or high solids before reaching the municipal plant. This has been a great cost effective option for both the industrial plant as well as the POTW. This solution is most often seen with dairies or food packaging plants.

Waste Activated Sludge

DAFs have been also a successful option for thickening WAS (Waste Activated Sludge) from activated sludge plants. A number of trials with DAFs running against other thickening options have seen the DAF providing superior performance against other competitive devices.

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