There’s no getting around it. Sometimes equipment breaks down. Sometimes you need an extra system to help meet short-term production needs. Or sometimes you just want an off-balance solution: keep the CAPEX for value creation related to your core activities and spend only a monthly rental fee for your wastewater treatment. In any of these cases you can reach out to us for our Krofta rental program in order to reduce downtime, save on costs, maintain operations in an off-balance setup and with fast installation, local service and support.


  • We have a large Krofta fleet of more than 20 units worldwide. Our rental fleet is located in Belgium and in USA. Reach out to us for information: 
  • We can accommodate up to 120 m³/h (500 GPM) in a single container, as such it is the most compact mobile and containerized DAF solution in the market.
  • Feel free to reach out to us for an audit to map your wastewater infrastructure and prepare a response plan based on mobile water solutions. Reach out to us for an audit:

Apart from the KROFTA DAF systems also other Packaged Equipment is available for rental: to learn more about KROFTA Packaged equipment click here.

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