Shower nozzle protection

There is an increasing interest in the paper making markets for reuse of the elevated water temperatures of whitewater effluents. This is especially true on the more northern paper plant locals where inlet water temperature can approach freezing during winter months of operations.

Krofta Spray Filter for the protecting of spray nozzles

Importance of water reuse

With energy costs increasing, some paper plants are looking at trying to capture not only water but the energy contained in effluents with elevated temperatures. With the need to heat up incoming process water to near 110 deg. F, mill operational groups are looking at the recovery of whitewater off the various papermaking processes. Even with the fluctuating price of energy, many larger corporations are trying to look at the long term advantages of capturing, treating and reuse what was once effluent whitewater.

Krofta DAF + Krofta Spray filter

A Krofta DAF, followed by a Krofta Spray Filter might be a possible solution. The Krofta DAF as the lead treatment process can reduce a large percentage of the TSS in effluent streams. To protect the spray nozzles from possible plugging, a Krofta Spray Filter can be added as a polishing step after the DAF. Spray nozzle manufacturers may vary on the suggested slot size of guard filters. Some nozzle manufactures suggest sizing guard filter mesh at 1/5 the size of the nozzle opening.

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